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  The Corpsed... 

What is corpsed creations??

Corpsed Creations started as an idea several years ago on an independent film set where the director of the film, myself, Christopher Crupi, needed to make a rotting corpse out of a prop skeleton in a few days time. So I got to you-tubing as many special-effects "how to videos" as I could. from there I practiced on many many objects such as tables, wood, and often other less quality Halloween props and somehow I learned a very unique method of melting plastic with a fan, a heat gun and other hardware store materials. I got really good at it so I decided to start a small props business out of my garage... The rest of the story is yet to come...


So what kind of props can I make for you?

I'm excited to start making some custom work for your very own haunted attraction, yard display  or personal collection... 

And the nightmares are endless!

All my work is sturdy, that will last for years of normal use and I'll personally guarantee or replace them  if they are damaged!

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